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There is 395 million available under TAMS II (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme); farmers are required to comply with 5 steps to be able to access grant aid…

  1. Access the online supplication system through
  2. Decide which investments are required on your farm (some investment may require specific planning permission or nitrates compliancy).
  3. Applications can be submitted through the online upload system on the Department of Agriculture website.
  4. Provided that there are no problems with the applications, farmers will then seek approval.
  5. Infrastructure and investment can then be carried out.

Young farmers are the first to gain access to TAMS II, and can get up to 60% grant aid for farm improvement works.

Applications must be made online – access will be required to the Department of Agriculture’s online services before applying for TAMS II schemes. Details for online access can be found at:

The end date for the TAMS II second tranche is 25th March 2016 – your grant application must be submitted by then

Please refer to the website for full details


  • Sheep fence – 5 strands of electric wire
  • Sheep mesh with 2 strands of barbed wire
  • Sheep mesh with 1 strand of barbed wire
  • Sheep mesh with 1 strand barbed wire + 1 strand electric wire
  • Sheep mesh with 1 strand electric wire + 1 strand plain wir
  • Fences on banks

Using Tornado HT8/80/22 Lambsafe sheep fence may help you to amass more points; because of its exceptional value and cost-effectiveness, it is likely to come below the reference cost (see the full TAMS II marking criteria here).

Need a hand to with the Grant Calculator? Try our step-by-step help guide…

The Tornado Grant Calculator

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How to use the Tornado Grant Calculator

Step 1

Enter the address for your project location (remember to include ‘Ireland’ in your address). Locate the area to be fenced on the map.

Step 2

Click with the left mouse button, the positions on the map where you would like your fence route to run. Each click will position a strainer or turning post.

Move markers with the left mouse button or delete with the right mouse button.

Tip* to increase your fence line accuracy, zoom in on the map. zoom out again after you are happy with your fence line to capture it in a pdf

Step 3

When you are happy with the fence line, scroll down and select the average distance between your posts and the number of gates you require. If you are returning to the start point with your fence, click “closed fence”; if the last post is not connected back to the first post, leave as “open fence”.  Now click the “Materials List” button.

Step 4

Select from the materials list the specification of products that suit your need. You can then enter a name and address for your project, and then simply print off the materials list and take it your you local Tornado stockist, or click the “Send to Tornado” button to have a stockist call you back with their best prices.